The Art and Science of Cellular Health

Reshaping the way we predict and detect disease through noninvasive diagnostic testing enabling a better future for everyone.


Early Disease Detection & Diagnosis

Disease can be caused by any combination of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors – this makes it incredibly difficult to assess the risk of becoming ill. Silently progressing diseases present even more problems – diagnosis is often only possible after advanced progression, making treatment more expensive and difficult.

A proactive approach to detecting disease introduces countless new possibilities, enables providers to use lifestyle changes and less expensive treatment options to prevent diseases from advancing. Taking the initiative with advanced diagnostic testing empowers individuals with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their health.

the global burden of disease and health risk

Changing the Paradigm of Healthcare Intervention with Early Disease Detection

Our science and revolutionary bioanalytical platform are reshaping health care intervention by enabling the early noninvasive detection of silently progressing complex disease. With a focus in organ and women’s health, we have broken new ground in advanced detection diagnostics.

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544.9 Million

people suffer worldwide from chronic respiratory diseases

(Chronic Respiratory Disease Collaborators, 2020)

mother and baby-01-01


of women in the world experience preeclampsia during pregnancy

(Jeyabalan, 2013)


2.8 million

pregnant women and newborns around the world die every year from complications

(UNICEF, 2019)



of the population worldwide is affected by chronic kidney disease

(World Kidney Day, 2015)

Our Approach

We are transforming the way disease is detected through diagnostic testing. Our approach utilizes proprietary DNA methylation analyses using a liquid biopsy. This noninvasive testing method not only eliminates the expense and discomfort of traditional diagnostics, but it can also contribute to the early detection and prediction of future diseases. Using early detection as a means of proactive healthcare has the potential to drastically reduce organ disease and pregnancy-related complications.

womens reproductive health

Women’s Reproductive Health

SignatureDx is dedicated to supporting women’s reproductive health by utilizing genetic tests to determine risks of pregnancy-related complications. Through the innovation of noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS), we can detect genetic abnormalities and birth risks using a maternal blood sample. This method of prenatal testing can provide peace of mind by providing insight into the health of the baby. This can be accomplished without the discomfort of undergoing invasive testing and its potentially harmful effects. In a continuous effort to improve the prenatal healthcare experience, we are developing breakthrough NIPS testing that could potentially predict health risks for both mother and baby during pregnancy.

womens reproductive health

Organ Health

Proactive healthcare includes checking for signs of future organ disease. Our genetic tests have the potential to determine if an individual has a genetic cause for organ disease or if there is increased hereditary risk due to family history. We’re committed to improving health outcomes for patients who have received organ transplants as well. Our technology will offer providers noninvasive options to improve how they assess the likelihood of organ rejection.