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At SignatureDx, we are passionate about collaboration. We are always looking for opportunities to work with medical innovators who share our core values and are dedicated to driving science and technology forward. Using a framework of non-invasive liquid biopsy to understand states of cellular function, Signature is focused on early detection of silently progressing complex disease. Signature is also dedicated to supporting women’s reproductive health by utilizing genetic tests to determine risks of pregnancy-related complications before they occur. Building a relationship with SignatureDx can propel the goals and research of your organization forward – driving innovation in healthcare for everyone.

At the core of our research are our novel clinical and analytical engines which generate and process DNA methylation data obtained using a liquid biopsy. This results in biomarker signatures which can then be applied as a screening method for current disease state and the likelihood of future disease development.

Who we work with and what we do


Medical and Academic Health Research Organizations

Academic institutions and health research organizations are vital to the advancement and implementation of health research innovations. Being a SignatureDx Collaboration Partner gives you access to our turnkey CLIA-certified laboratory operations and analytics platform in collaboration with our professionally skilled analytics team. Our collaborative offerings extend beyond the lab, and we are committed to sharing our wealth of knowledge in scientific innovation and business expertise to directly support healthcare initiatives within your organization and create mutually beneficial relationships.

Here's what you gain access to as a SignatureDx Collaboration Partner:

  • Direct assistance designing, managing, and establishing goals of research projects
  • Collaborate to find creative ways for funding projects
  • Strategies to expand relevant data to meet project goals
  • Sourcing patients and samples for research projects
  • Expanding diagnostic testing services

Pharmaceutical Companies

Precision medicine gives us the opportunity to shape the future of individualized care—we are looking for partners in the pharmaceutical industry that are focused on research and innovation to create the most effective treatment for patients. Our research and analytical platform provide insights that can help support therapeutic development. Together, we can drive research forward and transform healthcare.

Here’s what you gain access to as a SignatureDx Collaboration Partner:

  • Identification of epigenomic changes that define phenotypes through noninvasive tissue biopsies – identifying the right patient
  • Early-stage disease detection through identifying biomarkers across cell types – get a deeper understanding of cells and cellular function impacted by disease
  • Population-based analyses to correlate phenotypic markers with treatment options – get the right therapeutic to the right patient
  • Measurement of cell type-specific epigenomic signatures in cell-free DNA to determine drug efficacy - monitor disease progression in response to therapeutics

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