Our Technology

What are our Signatures?

As our company name suggests, signatures are an important aspect to our technological approach. We use the term “signature” to describe a collection of biomarkers that are diagnostically relevant to determine the state of health of cells, the organs they reside in, and the systems they regulate. While not all biomarkers are methylation-based, our area of specialty is liquid biopsy and methylation of cell free DNA (cfDNA).

What do we do with Signatures?

Using cfDNA derived from a liquid biopsy, our research team identifies DNA methylation-based signatures and sequencing data. Our analytics team then takes the resulting data and determines relevant indicators about the patient’s health. 

Through a cfDNA methylation-focused liquid biopsy, we can discover information about a patient’s health that previously could only be determined through invasive diagnostics or after a health condition has progressed. This technology offers an opportunity for early treatment and preventative action for a myriad of complex health conditions.

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Our Technology - Lab

Where can our Signatures take us?

As a contract research organization, SignatureDx is equipped with the resources to propel research forward and apply our technology to many facets of health sciences. Because Signature originated through a lens of prenatal health research, our research has progressed to include a wider range of complications in women’s health, specifically with the approach of our noninvasive technology. For a detailed look at our research on women’s health, click here.

The potential of our noninvasive technology reaches even further by including the impact of cellular health on organs. Using a multiomic approach, our research team looks at cell functions as it relates to regulating organ systems. Together, our research and analytics team work to identify unhealthy cells and the impact it has on their functions.