Changing the paradigm of healthcare intervention

Breaking new ground in advanced detection diagnostics

Current diagnosis and prediction of silent disease is insufficient, and these diseases often progress and remain undetected until organ systems become incurable or challenging to treat. Effective diagnosis of disease is often invasive and expensive.

SignatureDx is shifting how the healthcare sector detects and intervenes with disease by developing noninvasive solutions that enable early detection through our revolutionary bioanalytical platform. With a focus in organ and women’s health, we have broken new ground in advanced detection diagnostic.

Lab testing with DNA

SignatureDx solutions are helping to:

Asset 5Decrease ion spending

Decrease healthcare expenditures for patients and providers


Improve patient outcomes with precision medicine


Detect and prevent complex human disease

Transforming how we detect and treat disease

Complex diseases are caused by a combination of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Although complex diseases tend to run in families, they do not have clear-cut patterns of inheritance making it difficult to predict a person’s risk of inheriting or passing on these diseases.

Our bioanalytical technology engine and innovative research gives us the ability to extract biometric meta-data from the human body and our uniquely created algorithms efficiently navigate the bioinformatic data to retrieve meaningful information. Our capacity to read and understand methylation patterns across the material allows us to understand cell health and behavior. We synthesize all of this information into signatures, helping identify patterns and precursors that will transform early detection diagnostics.

Our solutions are decreasing healthcare expenditures and improving patient outcomes through precision medicine while we pave the way to detect, treat and prevent complex human disease.

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