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Paul Cohen


“My long-term goal at Signature is to build tools to help us model and manage dynamic processes at different scales. Building models of complicated systems that no human can understand, models that can produce insights and interventions, is a killer app for AI. It is true human-machine collaboration.”

About Paul

Dr. Paul Cohen serves as Signature’s Chief Technical Officer. His research focuses on computational, statistical and AI methods to model complicated biological and socio-economic systems.

Paul obtained his PhD in 1983 from Stanford University in Computer Science and Psychology, and his experience as a researcher and professor in this field spans over 40 years. Notably, Paul served as a program manager in DARPA’s Information and Innovation Office under an IPA agreement through the University of Arizona.  At DARPA, Paul developed technology to model the molecular pathways in cancer. He has authored and co-authored several books, and his research contributions appear in publications such as Physical Biology and The Journals of Gerontology, Series A.

Paul was the Founding Dean of the School of Computing and Information at the University of Pittsburgh, where he remains a professor as well as Director of the Modeling and Managing Complicated Systems Institute. Paul is an elected Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

Fun Fact

Outside of his work, Paul enjoys home-brewing beer and doing research in Pittsburgh’s many fine brewpubs.